The INGRID consortium is composed by eight partners:

Engineering Group is Italy’s largest systems integration group and a leader in the provision of complete IT services and consultancy. Engineering Group has about 6500 employees and 35 branch offices, throughout Italy, Ireland and Belgium, and (outside the EU) in Brazil and Latin America. It has a global production capacity in 30 different countries.
Engineering is a very active player in the ICT for Energy Efficiency domain. In particular the Utilities Business Unit is the strategic technology provider for the largest energy distribution companies in Italy (ENEL, HERA, IREN).
Since 1987, Engineering has been a very active player in the European research, by participating to hundreds of EU R&D projects from the EU FP4 onward to the FP5, FP6 and FP7 Programmes.
In the last years Engineering R&D has been a very active player in the ICT for Energy and Smart Grids technologies, in particular through the involvement in several European projects addressing the matter of ICT for Energy Efficiency (BeAware FP7 ICT), Green Data Centres (coordinating FP7 ICT GAMES project) and ongoing projects on Smart Grids (PPP-Future Internet FINSENY, FP7  INERTIA).

Role in the project

Engineering has leading on the WP1 Project Management and WP5 ICT-based Energy Management System workpackages, while significantly contributing to the WP2, WP3, WP4, WP7, WP8 and WP9 workpackages.

As a specialist in storing hydrogen in solid form using metal hydrides, McPhy has developed extensive knowledge in the technology of producing hydrogen from water electrolysis. With its unique expertise, McPhy offers solutions for the production and storage of low-pressure hydrogen for industrial and energy storage by combining electrolyzers with solid hydrogen storage.

Ideal hydrogen solutions for:

  • Industrial manufacturers wishing to control their own hydrogen production irrespective of its application and consumption patterns - including continuous hydrogen flow (from a few Nm3/h up to several hundred Nm3/h) and variables (to manage hydrogen consumption peaks) - and wishing to have a hydrogen back-up,
  • Energy storage (any type of energy: solar, wind, hydro, etc..) over the short-, medium- and/or long-term for peak-smoothing, peak-shaving, to participate in voltage regulation and help stabilize the power grid and the frequency.

Hydrogen solutions with unique advantages:

  • Security: the low-pressure technology reduces risks, compared to high-pressure hydrogen storage technologies (> 200 bar) and/or liquid (-253 °C).
  • Independence: liberation from the complex logistics associated with hydrogen supply and control of own hydrogen production.
  • Clean technology: McPhy hydrogen storage methods require less energy than hydrogen compression or liquefaction technologies that use up to 33% of hydrogen energy content for storage. McPhy products do not generate hazardous waste at the end of their life cycle.
  • Easy to use: "plug and play" system and less maintenance.
  • High energy output.


Hydrogenics is the world’s leading supplier of hydrogen fuel cell power systems and electrolyzers for on-site hydrogen generation with over 1,900 sites worldwide. The combination of experience and a constant drive to improve has made Hydrogenics’ HySTAT® water electrolyzers the winning choice for a wide range of industrial applications, hydrogen fueling stations and renewable energy storage and conversion systems.

Hydrogenics is pioneering Power-to-Gas development working with leading utilities worldwide in demonstration projects today and setting the stage for commercial-scale projects. The company is also advancing the next generation PEM Electrolyzers to meet the future demandsof Power-to-Gas system developers.

TECNALIA Research & Innovation is the first RTO in Spain and one of the most important in Europe. We get ahead of future challenges by turning technology-based business opportunities into competitive advantages. At TECNALIA we are organised in 7 fully interconnected Business Divisions, where cooperation works thanks to the integration of teams, projects and clients collaborating with each other, combining experience, commitment and knowledge. Our best asset is our team, made up of more than 1,500 experts who work to transform knowledge into GDP in order to improve people’s quality of live by generating business opportunities for companies. 

We work based on our experience and expertise in each of the markets in which we operate, with an efficient and proactive attitude, offering comprehensive solutions thanks to the transversality of our Business Divisions:

  • Sustainable Building
  • Energy and Environment
  • ICT-European Software Institute
  • Industry & Transport
  • Health
  • Innovation Strategies
  • Technological Services

TECNALIA is the first private Spanish entity in the Seventh Framework, participating in over 328 funded European projects, coordinating 64 of them, with 101M€ income. The company employs 1,500 people (192 PhDs) and its turnover is 116M€. In 2012 TECNALIA filed 93 patents, worked with 4000 clients, received 1.2 M€ from IPR licenses and created 28 New Technology-Based Companies. According to the European Research Ranking, TECNALIA Research & Innovation is number 24 on the list of participants in the Seventh Framework Programme, and the 14th Research Organisation.

The Spanish Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) highlights TECNALIA`s involvement in one of the four great European public-private partnership initiatives: Building the Future. 

It is involved in 22 European Platforms (and in the Steering Committee of 9 of them).

TECNALIA is a member of Earto-Eurotech and was given the EARTO Innovation Prize in 2011, together with SINTEF and TNO, for their ”Hyperspectral” project to detect electric and electronic waste.   


Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico - RSE SpA, is a joint stock company, whose unique shareholder is GSE SpA, which develops research in electro-energy, with particular focus to the strategic national projects of general public interest, financed by the Fondo per la Ricerca di Sistema of the Italian Economic Developmente Ministry.

RSE, thanks to the experience of its researchers and national and international scientific relations, implement joint activities with the system of central and local public administration, with the production system, in its broadest articulation, with the associations and clusters of small and medium-sized businesses and consumer groups.

RSE promotes and fosters the professional development by promoting every opportunity to support the conduct of training and dissemination activities related to research topics carried out. The research and development is carried out for the entire energy supply chain in an applications and experimental view, ensuring the consistent continuation of research in progress and the development of new initiatives, both organically and in response to external and market demands.

RSE has a human capital that represents a unique heritage of expertise and experience, whose support is a necessary condition to allow the development of innovation policies in an area of enormous importance for the national economy such as energy is.


Enel Distribuzione is the Enel Group company which guarantees that the energy distribution service is provided throughout distribution networks and for all customers. Its activities include distributing and transforming electricity, managing the networks and operating power plants by means of development and maintenance interventions.

It manages more than a million kilometres of long-distance power lines in order to deliver electricity to approximately 30 million end users, both private homes and businesses, meeting customers’ expectations as well as the quality targets set by the Authority for Electricity and Gas.

Enel Distribuzione is responsible for the following services:

  • connection, which consists of connecting customers and producers to the distribution network;
  • distributing electricity, both consumed and made available by customers and producers who are connected to the network, with the appropriate features (such as power and voltage);
  • metering, in other words, installing and maintaining meters for remote measuring and recording of electricity consumption levels.

Enel Distribuzione is the first company in the world to have installed 32 million electronic meters at its customers’ sites and homes which make it possible to perform many operations (which previously required more time as well as the physical presence of an operator) far more rapidly and also remotely, thanks to electronic management and reading systems. 

Enel Distribuzione is an Italian, European and international leader regarding many initiatives which aim to innovate ways of distributing energy in order to enable continuous improvements in how electricity networks work, by integrating the distributed generation from renewable sources, promoting new uses of electricity as energy carrier and involving final customer, resulting in an evolution of the electricity grids into Smart Grids, genuinely intelligent networks. 

Enel Distribuzione’s mission today is to continue to be a leader in electricity distribution, aims for operational excellence, and ensures people’s safety and respect for the environment, whilst also exploring innovative technologies and guaranteeing an excellent level of service quality for all of its customers.


ARTIApulia Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation

Established in 2004 by Apulia Region and fully operative since 2005, ARTI is a main tool to realize the specific objectives set in the Regional Innovation Strategy, based on the role of Research and Innovation for economic growth and social cohesion: 

  • supporting innovation demand
  • supporting technological offers produced by public research bodies
  • improving connections between supply and demand
  • improving human capital in the field of R&I

Therefore, ARTI’s activity aims at promoting and satisfying both the demand for innovation expressed by local productive systems and the qualification of human resources, its main function being the strengthening of the regional innovation players and of the relationships among them, in order to help and develop the stream of innovation between research and enterprises. 

In line with the national and European policies, the Agency concurs to the sustainable growth of Apulia, by promoting a network of relationships and exchanges among those involved in the creation and use of new knowledge and new technologies and by stimulating and encouraging innovative behaviors in the region.

ARTI has also the mission of coordinating and supporting the Regional Innovation System: in this field, the Agency has promoted the birth of the regional network of Industrial Liaison Offices for tech-trans and supports the birth of innovative start ups and the international registration of university patents. It also promotes international technological exchanges and the Apulian participation in European research programmes.

Finally, the Agency supports local R&I policy-making, by cooperating in the definition of policy documents and monitoring and evaluating regional R&D programmes, activities and measures.

ARTI pursues its mission mainly through:

  • studies and analyses
  • planning and implementation of measures and initiatives
  • monitoring and evaluation of regional programmes, projects and actions 
  • building, coordinating, participating in networks
  • management of the relationships with stakeholders and communication.

While operating in these lines of activity, ARTI develops actions and projects partially financed by regional, national and European funds. 


Studio Tecnico BFP s.r.l. is a dynamic and flexible engineering company with multiple years of experience in both the ENERGY sector for the production, transmission and supply of electrical energy, in particular from renewable sources (sun and wind) and also in the OIL sector (roadside fuel service stations). The company's professional skills ensure the integrated management of all design and implementation processes carried out by specialized engineers working for the company. BFP electrical, civil, mechanical and environmental engineers are versatile professionals capable of dealing with and solving all types of problems related to the development and the implementation of large and complex projects involving Italian and foreign companies. The Engineering Services for Renewable Energy Sources are listed below:

  • Design and authorization of electricity production plants from renewable sources (wind, sun and biomass)
  • Design and authorization of network electrical systems (MV-HV)
  • Provision of all technical services required for their implementation: final design, works management, safety coordination during the planning and execution stages, PAC
  • Administrative compliance checks, analysis and validation of final working designs (owner’s engineering) for private companies
  • Technical and administrative consulting for the authorization of electricity production
  • Technical and administrative due diligence reports, necessary in order to assess the final designs of authorized PV plant and Wind Farm projects. Environmental impact studies
  • Preparation and follow up of requests for connection to the electrical grid
  • Preparation and follow up of notice of commencement for new electrical workshops
  • Operation & Maintenance management

BFP will be involved in a series of engineering activities necessary for the development of the INGRID project: the preparation of the final design for authorisation purposes, the follow-up of authorisation processes, final working designs (electrical-civil) for construction purposes and engineering activities necessary for the development and the set-up of the INGRID Demonstrator plant.

INGRID - High-capacity hydrogen-based green-energy storage solutions for grid balancing
Work partially supported by European Community under the ENERGY programme of the 7th FP for RTD - project INGRID, contract 296012. The Author is solely responsible for the content of this paper. It does not represent the opinion of the European Community, and the European Community is not responsible for any use that might be made of data appearing therein.

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