The demonstration phase: tests designed and first results by ENG 

Description:  The INGRID Demonstration phase has started in February and will last till the end of the Project. During this period several tests have been designed to be performed. The tests span from single unit tests, aimed at proving the integration of each component, to complex business tests, which execute and simulates operational scenarios of the whole plant. As for the second kind of tests, which are meaningful to understand how the INGRID system works, eight group of tests have been identified:

  • Test 1 – Fill up all the HDSs 
  • Test 2 – Empty out all the HDSs
  • Test 3 – Fill up all the HDSs following a MV consumption profile 
  • Test 4 – Fill and empty the HDSs following a MV consumption profile 
  • Test 5 – Respond to real time LV generation request 
  • Test 6 – Provide full flexibility services at MV and LV to the DSO 
  • Test 7 – Fulfill H2 requests as soon as possible
  • Test 8 – Fulfill H2 requests following a MV consumption profile

The first two groups aim at defining how the plant react in stress conditions, and define its boundaries (max production time, ramp-up and ramp-down rates, etc.). The third, the forth and the fifth groups test how the plant can manage the storages to provide flexibility services either at MV or LV level. The sixth group will test how to provide flexibility services simultaneously at MV and LV level. The last two groups will test how to fulfill requests coming from the H2 market using the FC to simulate customer consumption.

All these tests are designed to be run in series or in parallel, and results will be interpreted as possibile scenarios for a fully operative plant running the INGRID system. The results are expected to match the mathematical model used by the EMS to perform its planning, and the first output demonstrated its reliability.

In the following figure, the results of 4 hours of tests during the 3rd day are reported, running Test 3. The blue line represents the set points sent by the EMS to the WE, the orange one represents the actual process value of the WE power consumption.

INGRID - High-capacity hydrogen-based green-energy storage solutions for grid balancing
Work partially supported by European Community under the ENERGY programme of the 7th FP for RTD - project INGRID, contract 296012. The Author is solely responsible for the content of this paper. It does not represent the opinion of the European Community, and the European Community is not responsible for any use that might be made of data appearing therein.

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